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Strength Training Advice

It may sound strange but there is a big difference between training to put on muscle and strength training. There are many "bodybuilders" who look great and have a lot of muscle but find it a huge hassle just to shovel the snow out of their driveway I winter.

It comes from the specific type of training that you do every time you work-out. When training for strength you will increase the amount of muscle that you have on your body but you also get the advantage of being able to use these muscles with full range of movement.

Doing a thousand crunches a day and doing 12 sets of bicep curls will not get you strong and will not get you more muscle on your whole body. There are many professional bodybuilders that never do any abs exercises because they increase the thickness of their abdominal cavity by getting stronger.

The same can be said for the size and strength of your neck. As your overall body strength increases when you are training correctly so will the overall general muscle tone and core body strength you have increase over time. It does not happen overnight and there is no magic pill that you can take.

Over thirty years ago there was a famous doctor in the bodybuilding circle called Dr Squat whose name was Fred Hatfield and he said many times that the squat is the king of all exercises because it will get you strong quickly. The kind of strength that you get from doing squats correctly is something you can see.

All bodybuilders need to increase the strength they have all over their body if they are going to continue to put muscle on and not just doing the same work-out day after day. People who go to a gym often get into the bad habit of working with fancy machines and not increasing their overall strength.

It was Arnold and Franco who were one of the first competitive bodybuilders who realized that the only way to put on muscle and increase their strength was by training with free weights. In his book Arnold says that he will not train at a gym that is so neat that you cannot think of dropping a weight on the floor.

If you are someone who wants to increase their general strength then it is highly recommended that you learn how to squat correctly. There are many different ways to use the squat to increase your strength. They range from the well-known 5 X 5 routine to the 20 rep squat routine.

It is not only squats that will get you strong but all compound exercises from deadlifts to bench-press and military press. The point is that these movements are using more than just one body-part and the result is that you need your core strength to lift the weight like when you are squatting.

It should be kept in mind that the only way you are going to get consistent results is by following the correct eating plan getting 8 hours of quality sleep and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

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