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Increase Bench Press Strength

If you would like to increase the strength of your bench-press then there is no doubt a good reason why you are not able to continue your progressive resistance. This "plateau" is something that is common to most weight trainers as you get to a point in your training that your gains are slower and slower.

But when it comes to increasing the strength and power of your bench-press you need to do a little research on your own specific weak points when doing a bench-press. This can easily be done by finding where the sticking points are when lifting your maximum weight when on a bench-press.

For example if you find that the weakest point of your bench-press is reaching the lock-out position then obviously the problem is in your triceps and you need to change the way that you work your triceps. The answer could be as simple as changing from a triceps extension to a close-grip bench-press.

Without a doubt the fastest way to increase the strength in your triceps is by changing your movements and if that does not work then change your sets and reps that you do. There are also other alternatives like forced reps, negatives and even isometrics and/or plyometrics.

The same can be said when you have a sticking point at the bottom of your bench-press when getting the bar off your chest. The weak link is your pecs and they can easily be strengthened by doing specific pectoral exercises like flys, dumbbell press etc.

All weight trainers need to be constantly on the look-out for sticking points or plateaus that will come and go whenever we are training on a regular basis.

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